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  • 130,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 108,33 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Gorgeous, deep colour. The slightly wild nose is highly expressive, featuring aromas of brandied fruit (cherry), humus, damp moss, and leather, along with blackberry and blueberry coulis. Starts off superbly deep and powerful on the palate with flavours of gingerbread and cinnamon complemented by notes of black cherry, liquorice, violet, ginger, and light...

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  • 175,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 145,83 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Gorgeous golden yellow colour. Superbly rich, complex, intense nose boasting fine, elegant oak, notes of acacia blossom, toasted almonds and frangipane followed by scents of candied fruit, angelica, bergamot, almond, and baked goods (kugelhopf).

    175,00 €
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  • 217,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 180,83 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Magnificent deep red - almost black - in colour. Superbly fresh, intense, deep nose redolent of black cherry jam, wild blueberry and blackberry, fresh hazelnuts, eucalyptus, and a hint of musk. Starts off big, bold and very full-bodied on the palate.

    217,00 €
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  • 240,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 200,00 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Gorgeous deep red in colour. Superb, warm, complex nose redolent of raspberry, blackberry, ripe plum and medlar. Magnificent start to the palate, which is simultaneously deep, velvety and fresh. Flavours of jam, kirsch and mild spices are underscored by a touch of vanilla and liquorice.

    240,00 €
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  • 250,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 208,33 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Gorgeous deep red in colour. Intense aromas of ripe cherry, candied sour cherry and blackcurrantThe wine starts off fleshy on the palate, reminiscent of fruit pulp. The tannins are bold and characteristic of the vintage. They meld harmoniously with flavours of spices (cinnamon, pepper,…). On the finish, notes of black fruit do not detract from the...

    250,00 €
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  • 280,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 233,33 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Red in colour with mauve tinges. A gorgeously subtle, complex nose redolent of wild red berries (redcurrant, cornelian cherry, rosehip) and rose. Then come riper scents of sour cherry and dark fruit jelly, dried herbs, and spices. Starts off round on the palate, teeming with finesse and elegance, boasting lovely freshness.

    280,00 €
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  • 350,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 291,67 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Dark red in colour with bluish tinges. The nose is exceptionally intense and powerful, and is reminiscent of cherry and blueberry, fruit jellies, with nuances of gingerbread and cinnamon, juniper, a touch of humus and heather, candied walnuts, beeswax… Lovely start to the palate that is airy, velvety, dense and delicate all at the same time.

    350,00 €
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  • 420,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 350,00 € tax excl. ) In Stock

    Tasting notes Very nice intense color. The first aromas, on the nose, are fresh and airy, with scents of spices, willow,... The mouth is fresh, supple and ample, very velvety. She is very long. There are aromas of roasting, chocolate, a little fruit jelly,... The texture is very elegant, long and fresh with a beautiful well-integrated tannin.

    420,00 €
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  • 495,00 €tax incl. / By bottle ( 412,50 € tax excl. ) Out of stock

    Tasting notes Gorgeous pale colour. The first nose is discrete and evocative of nuances of wheat flour and honey, a touch of almond, confectioner’s sugar, and a slightly mineral note of gunflint. Starts off full-bodied, fresh, delicate and subtle on the palate, boasting lovely balance. We return to the nose to discover that notes of nougat, vanilla, praline,...

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items