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HOSPICES DE NUITS - Nuits-St-Georges Premier Cru Les Porrets-Saint-Georges "Cuvée Antide Midan" Rouge 2018

Nuits-St-Georges Premier Cru Les Porrets-Saint-Georges "Cuvée Antide Midan" 1er crus - 2018

  • Philosophy The Hospices de Nuits was founded in 1270, at the height of the Middle Ages, even before the one in Beaune, as a hospital to take in and treat the poor. Over the centuries, this philanthropic and charitable organization received donations of vineyards, given by rich, local families in order to ensure its survival. The estate, even smaller than the Hospices de Beaune’s, today covers a surface area of 12.5 hectares of Nuits-Saint-Georges and Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru’s finest vines, including the “Les Didiers” monopole and the prestigious “Saint-Georges”.
    Since 1961, the wines have been sold “en primeur” in the barrel, at a grand auction held in March at the prestigious Château du Clos de Vougeot, and are then aged and bottled by a Burgundian négociant. In the past, the wines were sold by mutual agreement and the House of Edouard Delaunay, which had had long-standing relations with the Hospices, was entrusted on several occasions with the exclusivity of the vintage.
    Buying wine at the Hospices de Nuits means participating in a cause for charity (the money raised finances the hospital, retirement home and several associations) that brings together philanthropy, exceptional wines, the art of living and culture in a unique way.
  • Terroir Located south of the village, near “Saint-Georges”, this climat’s name, of uncertain origin, is written in different ways: "Poirets", "Porets" or "Porrets". It may be an old form of “poirier”, a piece of land that was once planted with pear trees. The brown calcareous soil is gravelly and deep. It ensures good soil drainage and lends depth and structure to the wine.
  • Vinification and ageing The grapes are handpicked with the greatest of care before being brought to the Hospices’ winery where they are destemmed and gravity-transferred to tanks. Vinification, under the supervision of Jean-Marc Moron, the Hospices de Nuits’ Cellar Master, is performed according to tradition. The wine is then transferred to new oak barrels and aged in the Hospices’ cellars until it is taken over by the House of Delaunay in March. Total ageing time amounts to approximately 15 months.
  • Tasting notes Endowed with gorgeous deep colour, this wine features an expressive, fruity nose redolent of cherry and vanilla aromas reminiscent of pastries and sugared almonds. On the palate, notes of fruit and coulis (strawberry, tomato) are complemented by a rather firm structure that boasts a good balance between acidity and tannins that is very typical of the Premiers Crus from the south of Nuits-Saint-Georges. A good wine for laying down with remarkable ageing potential. 

124,17 € tax incl. / By bottle